Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soy update

A few postings below there are big news about soy and its benefits or lack thereof.

Today I finally had a chance to go over the Bon Appétit magazine article written by Paul Tullis.

Here are a few take aways that I don't think I included in the original posting:

* Yes, soy is high in protein and has zero cholesterol

* Soy "contains dangerous levels of isoflavones, natural chemicals that are similar to human estrogen."

* "Isoflavones can affect fertility in men and may increase the incidence of breast cancer in at-risk women."

*Studies' results are highly mixed, changing dramatically from one study to another.

* Err on the side of caution, read labels to be sure you are not unwillingly consuming the stuff, and stick to miso, tempeh and tofu, all of which have undergone various degrees of fermentation (this process reduces isoflavone levels).


Anonymous said...

Um, ok, I just came across you blog.

Great photos!!!

I am in Texas in zone 9d. Way close in climate.

I've only begun expanding the flower garden. The veggie garden is kicken, though.


Gardening Fool said...

Hi there,

Thanks for stoping by and for taking the time to say hello!

Yes, I am in zone 9b-ish...pretty close to yours. I think the main difference is that we get more rain than you guys...but I could be wrong.

See you soon! ☺