Monday, June 8, 2009

Pepino Dulce--A taste of my childhood

I grew up eating this beauties in Chile. Here are the first blooms. The fruits look like art. Seriously. Like a beautiful eggplant with touches of white and lilac and green. They are tomatoes' cousins and taste refreshing in a hot summer day. The kind I grew up on tasted like a milder form of a lovely honeydew melon. Oh the memories.
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Kara said...

That is a really pretty looking flower! What is the name? I love growing food!! :)

Gardening Fool said...

It is called Pepino Dulce. That's the Spanish name but also the name the plant is known by in English-speaking countries.

The literal translation would be Sweet Cucumber.

The fruits are so gorgeous I can't wait for them to grow fat and juicy! The germination rate of my seeds was not great, out of like 8 seeds I bought only 3 made it...then another one died. Now two remain...if the fruit stays put and I can save seeds I can share with you...just remind me in the Fall if you can.

I went to your site a few days ago, your garden is looking wonderful! I goofed off when I was trying to leave you a message (yeah, again) then I got frustrated and thought "forget it, where is my ice cream????" ☺

Hope you are doing great & let me know if you see anything else that strikes your fancy...if you like butterflies I have cassia bahamensis and cassia candlebush seeds to share...just let me know...

Take care.