Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Already Shopping for Thanksgiving

Every year our family meets at our home for Thanksgiving. This time we wanted to plan something real special so we ordered edible flowers and tall sunflowers to plant by the driveway and greet our guests.

The Florida Cranberries (ordered at are well on their way to be ready for our home made cranberry sauce, since I planted those in early May...and so are the potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I also plant to have arugula & edible flowers (violas & edible chrysanthemums & chive flowers) for our salad dish.

The sunflowers will not only make it welcoming for our family as they drive in, but will also be served as snacks. We are going to put three or four whole (dried) sunflower heads on the table for snacking...and I am going to try my hand at making our own cheese. Mother Earth magazine has a terrific article on cheese making with recipes and photos. It really does not seem too difficult.

Territorial Seed Company order >
Alyssum-Snow Cloth (to attract those beneficial insects to the garden)
Egyptian Walking Onion Organic (I have been wanting to give this one a try for a long time!)
Purple Peacock Broccoli Organic (the prettiest broccoli florets I have ever seen!)
Sunflower-Prado Red (decorative & for bird food)
Sunflower-Snack Mix (the Mac Daddy of sunflowers)
Sunflower-Soraya - (for birds and for looks)

Select Seeds order
Viola- 'Historic Florist Mix'
Viola- Heartsease 'Bowles Black'

I will post plant performance & taste follow up and nursery/seed co. reviews shortly.

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