Wednesday, August 13, 2008

♣ Garden Pet Peeves ♣

♠ People who invite themselves inside our garden…as if it were a public space

♠ Dog owner’s (not the dogs) who allow their dogs to destroy our plants…

♠ Synthetic Fertilizers & Roundup-the-everything-killer

♠ People who take our fruit (without asking)

♠ People who only speak to us when they want free cuttings or seeds

♠ People who throw their trash down the storm drain

♠ Squirrels, when they eat or destroy our seedlings

♠ Ungrateful people

♠ Loud lawn-mowers (I even hated ours when we had one)

♠ Wearing gardening gloves or any kind

♠ People who consider an old car part of the Orlando flora and insist in "planting" their four weels on the lawn...

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