Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stuff I ♥♥♥ about gardening

Summer rain

♥ The knowledge that, hurricane permitting, the tiny trees we are planting will transcend us
♥ People who ask questions nicely

♥ The empowering act of seed-saving

♥ Self-seeders

Bees & all beneficial bugs/critters

♥ People who make sure their pets are careful around the garden

♥ Sharing our harvest

Getting my hands dirty

♥ When gardening is contagious

Compost & companion planting

♥ Native species

♥ Butterflies!

Heirloom seeds

♥ Great conversation, chess & wine outdoors with hubby

♥ The way our young orchard and butterfly garden block the view of the cars parked on our neighbors' lawn. Oh, the trials, tribulations and blessings of living without a Home Owners Association to regulate your every breath! My peoples, love to sprout cars on grass....--I am Latin myself (born in Chile), but fortunately lived in enough non-hispanic countries to kill the GCCG (Grass-Car-Connection-Gene) in me-- By the way, if you have not seen the movie "Crash," you should! You'll see the relevance of this comment once you've seen it ☺

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