Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, almost...I still need to spend at least an hour cleaning it and taking bits and pieces of grout off the places where they don't belong...

I am glad I went with the super dark grey grout because it will be easier to maintain and against the white tiles it gives it a stained-glassy air.

The entire thing is a square just a bit larger than 6x6 and it took about 40 hours, one broken nail, one cut on my toe, four sliced finger tips (when I had the bright idea of taking off the grout with my bare hands...think sharp corners) & lots of sweat.

The materials were mostly left overs from other projects and about 30% of the materials I had to buy (e.g., grout, cement, and some of the terracota tiles, as I ran out of those half-way through the project).

I don't think I will willingly walk myself into a large project like this again, but I will take my time and slowly collect tiles to mosaic the raised beds. Just no sliced fingers this time :)
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GreenJeans said...

LOVE the grout color! Man, this thing is beautiful. It's like... like... like a huge piece of garden jewelry or something.

I like the little dancey people in the corners but the center medallion-flower thingy is fantastic.

Like my technical terms? lol

Gardening Fool said...

Aaaaw! Thank you GJ! Now I'll have to be nice to you for like...what? entire hour or so? Sound fair? ☺

You know, hubby said that the thingies on the corner are angry women with their hands on their hips...hum...perhaps a remainder of a past relationship? ☺ I don't recall ever waiting hand on hip for anyone...

I kinda free handed the whole thing as I went along, especulating
about the possible design and based on the few colored tiles I had available to me...looking back, I'd done a couple of things differently...but they'd have cost more, so all in all I am happy with it.

Thanks again!

GreenJeans said...

Oooh, you have to be nice to me for an entire hour!?! Can you do it??? lol

No, I don't see them as angry women. They are dancers and they are doing some kind of weird ballet thing with their legs together and their arms curled under. And now that you are laughing at me, what do YOU see them as being?

Darla said...

Wow! That's a wonderful addition to any garden or patio. You should be very proud of yourself, mmmmmm wonder who will film that?

Gardening Fool said...

GJ- Sorry, your hour is up. I don't even need to reply to your question since I must not be nice any longer.


D- Thanks a bunch, I really hope NOBODY will be so bold as to jump over our high back fence to take a look at things...if they do, they are going down. I have really good aim.