Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've been very mean... of late. Mean. Antisocial. Moody. You name it. I felt as though I should post a nice soft picture of a teddy bear, some pink bows, snowflakes, or something...but I don't have photos of stoopid bears, pink bows or snowflakes, so here is a lovely flower (Bolivian Sunset).

Positives: Makes a lovely ground cover. Drought tolerant once established. Super easy to propagate via cuttings. Attractive foliage when not in bloom. The inside of the flowers is yellow with red dots, but I won't post a pic of that just to get on your nerves.

Negatives: none thus far...and unless the plant decides to start talking to me one day, it will remain one of my favorites.

Peace out.

The Grumpy Gardener.
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Darla said...

Let it out, Let it all out!!