Saturday, November 22, 2008


So just a minute ago I looked out my window and saw two people filming our front garden.

As in stepping half-way in and filming around, without even asking. I truly felt like mooning them. They saw me outside before I came back in the house, they had the chance of asking if it was okay.

Truly, what makes people think that it is okay to waltz into someone else's property and film around? I am going to see where they live, bring my garden chair, some loud tunes & a book and just camp on their lawn for the afternoon. Since we are unofficially stepping on each other's space fair is fair, right?

Meanwhile, crazy stalker dude keeps coming around ringing our doorbell until his fingers bleed and dropping little gifts.

I need a mean dog.

And a chain link fence.

And security cameras.

And new neighbors.

Okay, I'll stop it. ☺


Darla said...

Oh my! My husband would have had a few more choice words than you did. We had a man from AP filming our homemade icicles last winter! He was in the yard when I returned home, when he saw me he did ask. Well, I guess that's one of the problems with having such a beautiful yard. Didn't know you had a stalker, I just added you to my bloglist so I'll be checking' on ya!

mary said...

So, did you ever find out why they were filming or who they were? That is really strange. You know, sometimes realtors take pictures of people's properties; so they can show potential buyers what the neighborhood looks like... A couple of times, people drove down our private dirt road and 300 yd. driveway to do that. I think it's amazing how intrusive people can be if they think there's money to be had. And it does invade your privacy... I like privacy... I went out on our front porch both times, since I didn't think they'd want me in the picture, haha... They proceeded to tell me what they were doing and apologized. I think I wasn't giving them a nice look, plus the dog was barking up a storm.

Gardening Fool said...

Isn't it sad that I feel better now that I know I am not the only one whose home's been invaded by weirdos?

Thank you!!!! ☺

Mary, the woman I've seen before...she is odd. She dresses oddly, walks oddly...and talks to herself during her walks. Never seen the man she was with today. That is why I politely said "Mornin'" dropped the hose and speed into the house.

I sometimes wonder if I am wearing a shirt that reads "Talk to me, I am lonely." I know of two people in my area who are friendly and polite and know when enough is enough...the rest...well, sometimes I feel that I live in Social Reject City. I know a big part of it is me, I love being by myself and doing my thing, so I know I lack in the patience department...but filming and dropping unrequired presents at the door? Come on!

I sometimes think I'd be happiest in a jungle or a huge farm in the middle of nowhere with my hubby, animals, plants & tons of books. Really that is all I need.

Oh, yeah, and chocolate :-)

GreenJeans said...

That's just weird. I mean, from what we've seen, your garden is fabulous but to step on your property and film it??? Yep, I'd be feeling invaded.

And the stalker dude needs to move away. Far, far away.

Gardening Fool said...

Fabulous SCHmabulous! No such a thing dear.

Our garden has a few nice flowers and edibles yadda yadda yadda but it is far from fabulousness.

They were just nosy and rude. Our garden has no animal magnetism ☺

Stalker dude needs a stalker girlfriend or something...

islandgal246 said...

Your garden must look fabulous to have someone film it. Hey take it as a compliment, obviously their garden didn't look as great as yours. I get Tourist stopping to admire my garden and take pictures from the road and I don't mind at all. My husband one day saw some trying to take pictures of some bug ridden hibiscus on the roadside. He invited them in to take some better pics and found out they were from Italy. They couldn't speak English very well but were very grateful. We take life in the slow lane down here and enjoy meeting new people.

Gardening Fool said...

Bonjour IslandGal ☺

My apologies for the delay on posting this comment and replying to ya...

Oh no! Our garden is not fabulous, it has more interest than plain grass but it is a long way from fabulous or video-worthyness :-)

By the looks of it (your blog is fabulous!) your garden is about three hundred times larger than mine. So with that said, let me point out a couple of differences:

1. When people take a couple of steps into our garden it feels as though they are IN our home. The way the house is designed it truly does feel like an intrusion when people come to take a look at the plants.

2. I lived in Aruba for a bit over a year. Life on an island -at least as I experienced- is very different. Must be the water, but even I was friendlier back then. I can see the same scenario playing in Aruba and me going "Come on in, want something to drink?" Must be the water ☺

3. I am a grumpy ol' arse of a woman these days and it truly bugs me when people have the chance to say something like "Mind if I snoop around and film some of your weeds?" but they choose not to say anything and instead wait until I am out of sight and invite themselves in.

Lastly, when the planets are aligned just so, and the moon is right, and my biorithm is in balance with the Universe I am happy to have people go all the way to the gated back garden and share seeds and cuttings and all that good stuff, but sometimes, I am just not in the mood. And that day was one of 'em days :-)

How is that for an excuse for being a grumpy ol' arse of a woman!?!? ☺