Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Addition to Fav Blogs & what's up with this photo-lessness??

I added a fabulous site to my short list of favorites: Eat The Weeds

This guy knows stuff. And I mean he knows lots of stuff. And he is kind. And actually replies to emails if you ever have questions (please be sure to look carefully in his site & to Google what you are looking for before contacting him)...check his place out, you'll surely learn tons of stuff you can apply to your gardening/eating habits.

Now about that photo-less-ness. Yeah, these days the garden is a supermodel caught without make up. A sad disappointment.


Many of us in zone 9ish get carried away with the tropical plant bug and forget that this ain't Miami. So there went my mango & my star fruit. Anyway, I refuse to post sad photos of the garden after three freezing nights on a row. I am taking pictures tomorrow just to keep on file and be able to compare the before & after of the plants that do make it through this comatose January/February months.

Does anybody else's garden stink, or is it just ours? I don't remember other freezing nights in previous years making our garden smell like a family of dead raccoons inside a gym bag full of dirty socks.

I guess the garden is more like a supermodel caught without make up and also shower-less?

Below are a couple of things to share as we prepare for the next inevitable hard freeze in Central Florida (if not this year, the next for sure)...

☼ Visit your favorite thrift shop and buy all the sheets you can afford to cover all your plants.

☼ In the Spring, be sure to take cuttings to propagate your favorite plants and always keep at least one specimen in a pot. This saved our Monarch caterpillar crop as they are able to eat from the potted Milkweeds we have.

☼ Prior to the big frosty night/s be sure to water your garden as deeply as possible...I don't think the techniques citrus growers use (sprinklers on all night) would be applicable to home-grown edibles & ornamentals--remember, they cannot physically cover each tree so they have fewer choices than we do. Plus, it would be a crime to waste all that water.

That's all I've got for now but if you have anything to add go nuts with your comments.

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