Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well...that's a bummer

Today I called the University of Florida IFAS Extension about signing up for the Master Gardener volunteer program. Everybody I spoke with was helpful and kind. I had my pre-sign up interview set up for tomorrow...all I had to do was to read and complete the long, long, long application form and bring it with me to the meeting.

Happiness stopped in page 5 when I read:

"In making recommendations that include the use of pesticides (e.g., insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides), Florida Master Gardener Volunteers must follow published Extension Service recommendations. Use of other pesticide recommendations is not approved including home remedies or 'tonics'. "

Ugh! So I called back and spoke again with the gentleman I was going to meet tomorrow and we agreed we are not a good fit. I was so excited about learning to understand our soil, pest's id, etc...and, even more so, I was thrilled to be able to pass that knowledge along...but I cannot in all good conscience recommend to someone calling the Extension a fungicide or pesticide that would not be needed in the first place if better suited plants for our area were chosen and less grass planted (notice I did not say "no grass" as I understand that others are not as radical as I am in my views).

What made me even more sad is that people at the Extension truly sound like they have a heart for helping and teaching...if you are interested and grass is your thing and have 13 Wednesdays available starting on February 18 click on the link at the start of this post and give them a call. Classes are from 8:30 to 4:30 and for just this time they are even waving the usual $175 fee!

Before you call them be sure to click on the application form and take a look at what they give and what will be required of you after you are done with the class so not to waste their time. I wish I had done that first particularly since their site is well organized and has almost all the info you may need. Their address is 6021 South Conway Road, Orlando, FL.

I have not been able to blog about some of the books I read because I have a nasty cold...but I have not forgotten to STK (Share The Knowledge) ☺

Hope everybody out there is staying healthy and for the Northerners I wish you warmth & hot cocoa!!!! Hang tight, spring is around the corner!

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