Friday, February 20, 2009

Tomato Underground

I cannot remember where I read or heard this...but it has worked thus far...I always plant Marigolds next to each tomato plant as it helps prevent the formation of nematodes by releasing a-terthienyl, which is a very toxic naturally-occurring compound. I call it cheap prevention.
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tuxandtales said...

Wonderful reading and viewing! I visit Florida for a conference once a year, and I marvel at the diversity of the vegetation. Up here in Edmonton, zone 3B, we have so many challenges. I had a perfect microclimate in my previous location - even managed to coax a spheralcea munroana from seed through to flowering for 4 consecutive years. It did not survive transplanting to my new, more hostile garden.

Your blog is inspiring me to document my garden this year. Last year I took photos and...did nothing with them. Your E.B.White quotes (may he be forever sainted for Strunk & White's guide) along with Lorraine Johnson's books are making me rethink my backyard, which has proven hostile to almost everything except chicory and the inferior western salsify. Maybe I need to go native...
In the meantime, I pore over the Chiltern seeds catalogue from the UK and order far too many seeds from unsuitable places.
The conference I go to has moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando, and this will be my first time in Orlando. I'll keep an eye out for your garden!

Gardening Fool said...

Zone 3B? BRRRRR! I have lived in cold places (Toronto, Amsterdam...blah blah blah) and I cannot even imagine what it'd feel like to not be able to garden in my's become addictive. I don't mean to rub it in but the best part is being able to grow edibles year'round...if i was gardening up there it would take a large green house. Expensive!

Sphaeralcea munroana? Orange Glove Mallow, right? That looks like a bunch of poppies on a it! Wish I could grow poppies is too darn wet for them.

And, yes, I think not many gardeners can ever stop themselves from pushing the zone boundries. Particularly when one sees those amazing pictures of plants looking straight at you like a puppy at the shelter, "Pick me! Pick me!" I have a love-hate relationship with catalogs because invariably I will pick at least one thing that is not meant for my area every single time I order...but funny thing, sometimes you place an oddball plant in such a spot that even when it is out of its zone it can thrive (that Big Levowski -sp?- movie line just popped in my head "Donnie, you are out of your element." ha.)

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment.
Cool! I am humbled by the inspiration comment *take a bow*
You can still add last year;s photos...don't think the Blog Police would come and getcha. ☺

Never read Lorraine Johnson's writtings...will have to be put in my wish list now! But yeah, E.B.W is right on the money with his approach to nature.