Saturday, April 4, 2009

Geraldi Dwarf Mulberry ***YUMMMMMM***

Oh-my-my-my!!!! Heretic as this may I know what heaven tastes like!

During the last few days I have not posted anything because we are still so busy working in the house and the garden has been put in the back burner for a few days....No words are good enough to describe its taste...this morning after picking some mulberries while I watered around (I tell ya, that felt luxurious!) I mixed some in a bowl with an orange...and va-va-boom! A sensory explosion! I highly recommend this combo.

If you have a small garden and you'd like a tree that asks nothing of you, gives you more fruit the year in which you plant it than any other fruiting tree (most trees are disappointing on their first year on the ground) , and is simply beautiful--then go out there and order yourself a Geraldi Dwarf Mulberry.

I got mine from
Whitman Farms
and, truly, they are some of the best plants I have gotten this year. Their service, packaging and plant quality is truly the best, they are knowledgeable and they are always willing to answer any questions one may have. FYI: I am not related to them, I get nothing from them for saying this and they don't even know about this trust me, get you one...or two...or three!

For more info on this fruiting tree you can scroll down or type its name on the "search" box on the top left of this page.

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