Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week!

New floors -- check.
Lots of work -- check.
Back to training regime -- check.
Uddles of fun had on a windy, wavy, crazy morning of kayaking -- check!

Just after a guy capsized near us (I tell ya, it was doggone windy and rough) dolphins came by our kayaks ***amazing*** We ate lots of bad food that tasted great, had amazing conversations & belly laughs, drank wine, took lazy beach walks knee deep in the water, smoked cigars, read...but enough about is trucking along.

The carambola (star fruit tree) that I thought was killed by the frost but hang on to anyway, has come back to life--slowly by surely. Except for the mango, the key lime, and the mutingia calabura (strawberry tree), which were too young to face repeated freezing nights, all of our plants have come back. They all seem to have come back stronger.

For those considering buying a mulberry tree here is a photo that compares the fruits of our Dwarf Geraldi (on the left) and our Shangri-La (for more detail on how they have performed in their first year in our garden please take look at past postings). Both taste truly delicious...the difference thus far is on the amount of berries we have gotten (tons from the dwarf, six from Shangri-La)...but it is really too early to tell since it is their first year in our garden.

Last thing for today: I finally finished reading Paul Roberts' The End of Food. What an amazing read, I highly recommend it! It was a hard read at times, since it is loaded with facts and stats (that sometimes can be a bit boring)...but these are important things to learn about, so it was truly worth it. I'll post some stuff from the book later this week...right now it is off to Lombardi's to buy fresh wild sea scallops...yum, yum & yum!
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