Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Imperial Star Artichoke Seeds

In my own delusional world I thought it would be just fine to grow artichokes in Central Florida.

I have come down to the real world and accepted that this would be a nearly imposible year, with the money we save growing most of our veg I will indulge and de-localize my shopping to gorge on all the artichokes I can eat.

The two veg I love most I can't grow: artichokes & corn (my cross to bear in this world appears to be dealing with this fluffy-tailed rats).

So, anyway, these are 4 foot tall plants with thornless flower buds. Winter hardy to zone 7.
The pack has 25 seeds, and they are labeled for use in 2008, but I researched and I know they are still viable. Bought them at Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

First come first serve...the entire pack to one person...or at the most I could divide the order for two people.

If you want them just place a post here and I'll reply to you via email. Thanks!

***UPDATE**** Seeds have been adopted by my new gardening pal, MaryJo, she will give them a home in her Michigan farm.

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