Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Solanaceae Curse


So we know that the tomato fruit worm could attack any of the plants on the solanaceae family (e.g., potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, petunias, eggplant, sweet peppers, chili peppers, etc.) plus it's been know to attack corn as well.
But why my cabbage, New Zealand spinach, radishes, and even my treasured Swiss chard and flat leaf parsley???? Yup, I took advantage that I had a bit more time this morning to inspect the veg in the raised bed. ALL of them were affected...well, except for the pigeon pea bush (which had beetles)...seriously? Could they not spare ONE plant?

I had never experience this kind of pest magnitude, bottom line is: if you find just ONE or TWO bad bugs don't freak out, but DO check all your plants carefully, leaves undersides, stems, flowers and soil surrounding the affected area. This small time investment is likely to have a big pay off.
The result is that I had to throw almost all the veg in that bed in the trash. The only plants I could save were the pigeon peas & the fennel...but now I am considering taking the idea of taking it all out and solarizing the entire bed as I also found many cut worms.

And how are you doing? ☺

Here, take these to work with you to help you forget the horrible story I just put in your head...


Darla said...

It is a bit heart wrenching when you find so many insects/worms enjoying your labor. I wil take the flowers with me, thanks.

GreenJeans said...

Awww, I love this picture!! :-)