Monday, July 6, 2009

It's happening!

Remember a while back I posted a few lines under the heading "One too many (gardening) fools"?

Well, I found out that the process of importing/exporting a blog is not a walk in the park. It is very time consuming...but I'd do anything not to be confused with the site listed in Dr. Phil's website.

I am in the process of switching this here blog to this new site:

The blog's name will be "Get Soiled" but I could not see myself forking more than 10 bucks for a website and to buy that domain would have been outside the budget.

The most time-consuming part is reformatting the blog as this one (colors, fonts, sizes, etc.) and manually copying all of the stuff on this blog's sidebar. Lemme tell ya, it is a P-A-I-N, but that's how much I dislike Dr. Phil ☺...professionally speaking at least. Perhaps the guy is a terrific person to those closest to him...benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, this process should be completed by this week's end.

I noticed that I have some "followers" (a feature I chose not to list on the sidebar) something that still blows my mind, anyway, to those of you kind enough to follow me you might want to switch to the new address sometime next week.

Thank you all (all three of you...or is it two? ☺) for your patience with this change, and for continuing to visit in spite of my pachydermal sense of tact when speaking of likes and dislikes & in spite of the many blurry and out of focus photographs.

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